Contextually Aware Spaces

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2019 03:17PM EDT
Indicator or Group; app installed by a System Administrator


Contextually Aware Spaces in ThreatConnect® are analytic panes that run and display multiple apps for use with a particular Indicator or Group in a single, convenient place. They are a powerful enrichment tool to automate and improve the way users work with specific Indicator or Group types and provide a way to bring the capabilities of favorite third-party tools directly into ThreatConnect.

NOTE: Contextually Aware Spaces are used with apps that apply only to a specific type of Indicator or Group. They are accessed via the Spaces tab on the Details screen for an object. ThreatConnect also has System Spaces that are used with apps that can be applied across ThreatConnect. They are accessed via the Spaces option on the top navigation bar.

NOTE: Before an app can be added to Spaces, a System Administrator must install the app. In addition, other apps can be found in the Analytic Apps screen of ThreatConnect Exchange:

Using Apps in Contextually Aware Spaces

  1. On the top navigation bar (Figure 1), place the cursor over Browse and then over the Indicators or Groups option. Click on an object (Address Indicator in this example) to display a results table (Figure 2).
  2. Click on one of the entries, and the Details drawer for that entry will be displayed (Figure 3).
  3. Click the Details icon at the top right corner of the drawer, and the Details screen will be displayed (Figure 4). Alternatively, hover over the object's entry in the table in Figure 2 and click on the Details icon that appears on the right side of its Summary cell to go straight to the Overview tab of the Details screen.
  4. Click on the Spaces tab, and the Spaces screen will be displayed (Figure 5).
  5. Click the + ADD APP button, and the Add App window will be displayed for the object type (Figure 6).
  6. Select the app to add to the Space from the Select App dropdown menu. Only apps that apply to the type of Indicator or Group that is open will be listed in the menu. Select the checkbox under the menu, if available, to add the app to the Spaces screen of other Indicator types for which the app has functionality. The app will be displayed in the Spaces screen (Figure 7).
  7. Most third-party integration apps require a secret key or Application Programming Interface (API) token to work. To configure the app, click the pencil icon at the top right corner of the Spaces card for the app. The Configure App window will be displayed with configuration options for the app (Figure 8).

    NOTE: The options provided in the Configure App window are dependent on the app chosen.

  8. After entering or adjusting the configuration parameters in the window, click the SAVE button to save the changes.
  9. To delete a Contextually Aware Spaces app, click the trash icon at the top right corner of the Spaces card for the app (Figure 7). The Delete App window for the object type will be displayed (Figure 9).
  10. Check the Remove app from all Spaces button to remove the app from the Spaces screen of all other object types for which the app has functionality. Click the YES button to complete the deletion of the app.

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