Multi-Environment Orchestration: Executing Playbook Apps Through a Firewall

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2018 03:01PM EDT
User (for creating and editing); Organization Administrator (for activating and de-activating)
An environment in the Organization that has been imported into an Environment Server; remote execution enabled for the external Playbook Apps that are to be run inside the firewall


Multi-environment orchestration allows ThreatConnect® users that have an Environment Server behind a firewall to use their instance to communicate with that server and run applications inside their firewall.

NOTE: System Administrators should refer to the “Multi-Environment Orchestration” section of the ThreatConnect System Administration Guide for instructions on how to create an environment in a ThreatConnect instance, download that environment for configuration in an Environment Server, and enable remote execution for Apps. See the ThreatConnect Environment Server Installation Guide for instructions on how to install an Environment Server. See the ThreatConnect Environment Server Administration Guide for instructions on how to import an Environment Server configuration to enable an Environment Server to communicate with a ThreatConnect instance. Organization Administrators should refer to Multi-Environment Orchestration: Administration of an Environment for information on how to administer an Environment.


  1. From the top navigation bar (Figure 1), click PLAYBOOKS. The Playbooks screen will appear (Figure 2).
  2. Create a new Playbook or open an existing Playbook. For more information on how to create, open, and use Playbooks, see Playbooks.
  3. To see if remote execution has been enabled for a Playbook App, click the Menu icon on the top right of the App. If there is an Environment option (Figure 3), then remote execution has been enabled.
  4. To set up remote execution for an App, choose the Environment option from the menu. The Remote Environment pop-up screen for that App will appear (Figure 4).
  5. Choose the environment from which the App is to be executed from the Remote Environment dropdown menu, and then click the SAVE button. The App will now display the Environment icon next to the hashtag icon at the top left corner (Figure 5), which shows that it will execute through the selected remote environment.
  6. When the Playbook executes, the Steps list for the execution will display a red Environment icon next to the Name of each App that has remotely executed (Figure 6).

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