Assigning Tasks

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2019 01:59PM EST
The Workflow feature must be enabled in the user's Organization, Community, or Source.


One of the most valuable features of ThreatConnect® is the ability to manage a team’s workflow. With the right permissions, a user is able to assign fellow team members with specific Tasks to complete. In addition, this feature can auto-generate reminder emails, as well as establish incorporated deadlines. With this feature, creating or editing a Task is as simple as uploading or editing an Indicator.

Creating a Task

  1. From the top navigation bar (Figure 1), place the cursor over Create and then over the Group option. Click on the Task object, and the Create Task screen will be displayed with the Details tab selected (Figure 2).
    • Type: Leave this field set as Task.
    • Owner: Choose the Organization, Community, or Source that will own the Task.
    • Summary: Use this section to enter a name for the Task. The format [Incident Review], followed by the Incident name, is recommended.
    • Status: Choose the current status of the Task from the dropdown menu.
    • Reminder Date: Use the pop-up calendar to choose a date on which a reminder about the Task will be sent.
    • Assign To: Use the dropdown menu to choose one or more people to whom the task is to be assigned.
    • Due Date: Use the pop-up calendar to choose a due date for the task.
    • Escalation Date: Use the pop-up calendar to choose an escalation date, if desired.
    • Escalate To: Use the dropdown menu to choose one or more people to whom the task is to be escalated. If this date is met and the Task has not been completed, the system will assign the Task to another (perhaps more senior) individual.
    • Description: Enter all Task-related instructions and information. Click the Apply Description to Associations checkbox to apply the description to the Task’s Associations.
    • Tags: Enter all Tags associated with this Task. Click on the Plus (+) button to add each Tag. Click the Apply Tags to Associations checkbox to apply the Tags to all the Tag’s Associations.
    • Apply Tags to Associations: Check this box to apply the Tags to the Group’s Associations.
    • Follow: Click this checkbox to receive Task status notifications.
  2. Click the NEXT button, and the (optional) Associations tab will be displayed (Figure 3).
    • Indicator Type: Select the type of Indicator to which to associate from the dropdown menu. Then, depending on the type of Indicator chosen, use the available fields to add the Indicator.
    • Associations: This section will automatically reflect the Indicator(s) chosen in the Indicator Type section.
    • Association Details: Enter a Description, Tags, Threat Rating, and Confidence Rating for the Association.
  3. Click the NEXT button, and the (optional) Attachments tab will be displayed (Figure 4).
  4. Use this screen to upload files to attach to the Task. Note that uploading malware files is permitted only in the malware vault, and any attempts to do otherwise with malicious intent is a violation of the ThreatConnect Terms of Service. See Uploading Malware for more information.
  5. Click the SAVE button to save the Task.

Reassigning a Task

  1. Tasks may be edited to change assignees. From the top navigation bar (Figure 1), place the cursor over Browse and then over the Groups option. Click on the Task object to display a results table (Figure 5).
  2. Click on one of the entries, and the Details drawer for that entry will be displayed (Figure 6).
  3. Click the Details icon at the top right corner of the drawer, and the Overview screen will appear. Alternatively, hover over the Task’s entry in the table in Figure 5 and click on the Details icon that appears on the right side of its Summary cell to go straight to the Overview tab of the Details screen. Scroll down to the Assignees and Escalate To sections (Figure 7).
  4. Use the Select dropdown menus to add or remove Assignees and individuals to whom the Task is to be escalated.

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