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The Posts screen allows users to browse comments across the Organizations, Communities, and Sources to which they have access. Users can make comments within Organizations and Communities if they have the requisite privileges.

ThreatConnect® offers an in-line linking feature for comments, so that analysts can construct syntax that will automatically put links into the comment, saving them the extra steps of manually linking entries.

NOTE: If anonymity is enabled for the feed, then all comments will be anonymous, and the user’s pseudonym will be displayed. If anonymity is disabled, then all comments will be posted with the user’s regular login information.

Viewing and Commenting on Posts

  1. From the top navigation bar (Figure 1), click Posts. If Posts has a red dot next to it (Figure 2), then there are new, unviewed posts.
  2. The Posts screen will be displayed (Figure 3), showing posts for all Communities and Sources for which the user has viewing access.
  3. To view posts or add a comment in an Organization, Community, or Source, select that Organization, Community, or Source from the My Org, Communities, or Intelligence Sources dropdown menu, respectively, on the left side of the page. The Posts page for that Org, Community, or Source will be displayed (Figure 4).
  4. Click inside the Add New Comment textbox at the top of the screen to enter a comment. Click the Suppress Notifications checkbox if you do not want to receive notifications when others reply to the comment.

    NOTE: Notifications will be suppressed only for comments that have the Suppress Notifications checkbox selected. They will not be suppressed for replies to the comment unless those replies also have the Suppress Notifications checkbox selected.

  5. Click the POST button, and the comment will appear below the box (Figure 5).
  6. Optionally, click on the ADD LINK... feature to add a link referencing the topic. A pop-up window will be displayed below the Add New Comment box (Figure 6).
  7. Select a type of object from the dropdown menu (this example uses an Incident), and a results table with all available objects of that type will be displayed (Figure 7). The search bar to the right of the dropdown menu can be used to narrow the results down further, if necessary. Enter a search term and then click on the magnifying glass.
  8. Select an object, and then click the ADD button. The link will now appear in the text box of the post (Figure 8). Click the POST button to post the comment.
  9. To reply to a post, click the reply icon at the bottom right of the post. A text box for entering a reply will be displayed (Figure 9).
  10. To delete a post, click the trash icon at the bottom right of the post.
  11. Posts can also be viewed and created by navigating to the Overview page of the Details screen for an object, scrolling to the Add New Comment and Posts cards (Figure 10), and following Steps 4–10.

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